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Global Leading Company

presenting with Total Solution in Plastic Compound」

Drive Challenge For 2030
'Beyond Korean No.1 Compounding Company, Into the Global Market'


  • The establishment of Virtuous Circulation

The shared growth of existing & new market based on high technology & driving force. 

  • Select and Concentration

promote core business & focus on new tech and market based on the competitive technology 

  • Reinforcement of Action

Strengthen business executive ability & driving force by improving leadership through development of human resource 

Virtuous circulation

Select and



of Action

OUR Strategic Target

  • ​Corporate Sustaina Management (ESG)

Corporate Economic and Social Responsibility
Environment, Health and Safety Management System
PCR / BIO / Eco-Friendly Item Development
​Satisfaction of customers ESG request

  • ​Global Compounding Company

World-class Item Development 
Constructing International standards internal system 
Building Global Network 

  • ​Reinforcement Internal Capabilities (PPT)

People / Place / Tool

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