TPE Compound

TSC TPR Compound is the first mover in Thermoplastic Elastomer Compound market.

TSC is a pioneer in thermoplastic elastomer compound [TPE compound] industry in Korea. It's TPE brand is SR [HANA-PRENE]. 


Unlike ordinary synthetic rubbers, the SR Series [HANA-PRENE series] can produce rubber-like products without using vulcanizing processes. SR's [HANA-PRENE's] elastomer and polystyrene phases form a co-polymer after two phases of physical vulcanization.


The SR-2000 and SR-8000 of the SR Series [HANA-PRENE series] consist of SBS, while the SR-9000 Series are made from the base of SEBS/SBPS. They have good polymer and electricity conduction properties, and are easy to process and recycle. In particular, the SR-9000 Series are oxidation-resistant and weather-resistant. They can remain stable even in high temperatures. The SR Series [HANA-PRENE series] are environment-friendly resins, and are compounds that can easily be processed, so that they can be lightweight and recyclable.