Olefin Compound

TSC Olefin Compound is the future-oriented and eco-friendly product for diverse customers needs and global standard. 

Plastics is widely used in many fields such as construction, automobile, electronics, aircraft and/or ship with inexpensive price and flexible processing, but problems that are related to heat resistance, flame retardant and so on take place.


Especially, combustibility of plastics can be a factor that increases loss of lives or damage of valuable property by fire as well as cause of fire. Therefore, necessity of flame retardant that is considered as key factor of safety on fire is expanding continuously. In addition, there are strong demand in materials with environmental adaptability as well as high flame retardant. Therefore, development for products that are well combined with high flame retardant, non-toxicity and low smoke generation is needed strongly.


TSC already grasped this industrial trend, has developed and sold various environment-friendly plastics compounds with flame retardant, non-toxicity and low smoke generation through ceaseless R&D.